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The Growing Problems in Rural China: Trends, Solutions, and Implications (Video)

China’s millions of at-risk children could threaten its future. Economic modeling shows that in some low- and middle-income countries, such as India and Tanzania, “the gross domestic product lost to stunting can be more than a country’s spending on health,” explains Richter, who helped produce a series of papers on early childhood development published online in The Lancet last October. Conversely, she says, “There is a special window of opportunity” for interventions that bolster health and improve parenting.


The Chinese discourse on moral decay in the PRC

During the past half-century, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has experienced several incredible human-made dramas: Red Guard fanaticism, a loss of education for a whole generation during the Cultural Revolution, the Tiananmen tragedy, an economic miracle and the subsequent rise of money worship, rampant official corruption, and the ongoing and painstaking search for modern virtues in an ancient civilization. What, then, is the current state of ethics and morality in China and what has caused the crisis of trust in Chinese society? Many argue that China must reconstruct a forward-looking and globally-oriented moral order from its broken traditional ethical code in order to secure China’s future and the implications of China’s rise on the world stage.